Documentary film

Documentary film "Sharp-shooter Simo Häyhä" is about the life of a well-known sharp-shooter. Simo Häyhä himself tells about the events of The Winter War in the documentary. Häyhä's combat companion from the Kollaa front participates also in the documentary. Sulo Pulkkinen origined from the same village and volunteered at the front already when he was 17 years old. Pulkkinen explains among others of Häyhä's severe injury, that he was witnessing from a close distance. Simo Häyhä is remembered by his relatives and friends. The experts of the documentary are Markku Palokangas, the former director of war museum and Ohto Manninen, a war historian.

The dramatized parts of the documentary are filmed in garrison of Kontioranta. In the documentary the part of Simo Häyhä is played by officer Mika Katainen.

Documentary is produced by production company Laajakulma and it is directed by Vesa Saarinen. The editors of the documentary are Mikko Maukonen and Sven Pahajoki. Production has received significant support by Kaatuneiden muistosäätiö, Sotavahinkosäätiö, Maanpuolustuksen kannatussäätiö and Yleisradio.

Production company wants to thank everyone, who participated in the project.