Orders of Merit

Medal of Liberty, 2nd Class, 25.2.1940

Medal of Liberty, 1st Class, 2.4.1940

Cross of Liberty, 4th Class, 6.6.1940

Cross of Liberty, 3rd Class, with swords 21.6.1940

Memorial Medal with swords and ribbons from the war 1939-1940

Full Silver Cross from Kollaa, nr 4 (The Kollaa Cross had been awarded before Simo Häyhä only to Mannerheim, to President Kyösti Kallio and to Colonel Svensson)

Blue Cross

Badge of an Excellent Shooter

Civil Guard's Hobby Badge, 2nd Class

Also the Mannerheim Cross was proposed to be awarded to Simo Häyhä, but none of them were awarded to anybody during the Winter War.